Declarative Animations in a Functional World

As systems get more complex, they trend towards expressing more of their complexity as data. Animations can be defined in data too.

Nick Sweeting - 2018-10-31

A Strategy for Linearizing Database Operations

Everyone wants their writes strictly ordered, if we can represent a list of write operations as a data structure, that gets easier.

Nick Sweeting - 2018-09-05

We’re Building A Company, Not An ICO

A frank discussion about the benefits and pitfalls of the ICO hype, and why OddSlingers' vision goes far beyond short-term fundraising.

Jerry Feng - 2018-06-21

The State of Poker Platforms in 2018

An overview of the all the current online Poker networks as of 2018, with pros and cons for each and a summary of features.

Jerry Feng - 2018-06-05

Database Integrity Principles for Safe Systems

Design strategies and common pitfalls that come into play when designing a banking service to handle concurrent transactions in a distributed environment.

Nick Sweeting - 2018-04-20

The Myth of Trustlessness

The word “trustless” implies that trust has been removed from the system altogether. But in reality, systems like Bitcoin require plenty of trust, it's just less obvious.

Max McCrea - 2018-01-29

The Redux Store as the Frontend's Database

Storing data in a normalized form allows us to calculate fast indexes for lookups.

Nick Sweeting - 2017-07-27

An Explanation of Segwit and the Lighning Network

Segwit increases total number of bytes for each transaction (very slightly), but changes the way that block size is calculated so that the signatures don’t count as much against the limit.

Max McCrea - 2017-06-24

Reconciling Templates and JS Components

The fundamental issue is that Django wants you to build up your pages using template fragments, and React wants to pull you into its world with JS components as the main building blocks.

Nick Sweeting - 2017-03-02

Two Approaches to Concurrent Write-Safety in Django

When dealing with Django models accessed by multiple people, you want a way to make sure two requests don’t perform writes at the same time.

Nick Sweeting - 2016-08-03

Redux State-Sharing Approaches

When writing an app using Redux and React, you may run into the common problem of having to share state between multiple components in your app.

Nick Sweeting - 2016-02-18

Downswings and the Information Game

I often hear players say, “I hate that site. It’s completely rigged. I can never win there.” Perhaps those players simply ran bad at first on that site...

Max McCrea - 2009-02-23

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