Our Mission:

To create the most engaging eSports experience to ever hit the poker market.

Re-invent the online poker experience.

  • Create a clean, fast, ad-free experience
  • with personalized progress goals for beginners,
  • private games, and new game variants.

Help pro players earn income from spectators.

  • Allow entertaining high-skill players to earn
  • income beyond donations. Spectators place bets
  • on favorite streamers, and a cut goes to the player.

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Create a new level of eSports engagement.

  • Introduce a revolutionary new eSports experience
  • with real-time audio & video + chat, and
  • distributed-ledger-backed bets on video streams.

The OddSlingers Poker Platform [BETA]

Works on all devices for free, with no ads, no downloads, and no credit cards needed!

Real money games coming soon in 2019!

Public & Private Games

Cash Tables & Tournaments

No-Limit Hold'Em, Pot-Limit Omaha, 2/7 Bounty

Join our free poker platform and play against users in 65 countries!
Play now with 5,000 free chips
2.5 million hands played worldwide.

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